A story waiting to be written


A term grasped from the past to reaffirm the deep value of the concept of comfort and to launch a new process of research and experimentation.
Nahu was born in 2020 from the union of the skills of Italian businessmen who have been involved in the world of seating for over 40 years.

The creators of Nahu are business people, artisans, and their potential expressed in favour of one single goal: to create a selection of sustainable products, which are unique in terms of design, quality, and comfort.

For Nahu, every armchair, every chair, every pouf, and coffee table are the result of meticulous research into shapes, functions, and materials, aimed at enhancing spaces and the people who live them.


From the office to home, and vice versa.


Nahu products are the answer to the increasingly contemporary desire for quality furniture, adaptable to any environment that can become almost an extension of human beings and their aesthetic and functional requirements, while at the same time being respectful towards the values of sustainability.

In an increasingly dynamic, connected, and fluid world, in which home and office interact, becoming “home office and smart office”, Nahu presents professional seats and accessories that can be integrated with living environments, perfectly satisfying the needs of work, relationships, and relaxation, at home and in the office.

With executive, operative, and lounge seating, with stools and different types of accessories, Nahu partners with designers, contractors, and customers, with the aim of delivering high-quality and functional products to the market. Objects that express Italian creativity, expertise, and comfort.

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